Patient Falls with Injury

Children in the hospital are at a greater risk of falling and being injured.  We have moveable equipment, harder floors and give children medicines that affect their balance.  Here at PMCH, we work to keep your child from falling.  Unfortunately, patients may still fall.  One of the things we track is the rate of falls that result in moderate or more severe injuries.

A moderate injury is defined as requiring more than the application of ice or dressing, cleaning of a wound, limb elevation, topical medication, pain, bruise or abrasion.

 The graph shows the number of falls that result in moderate or greater injury per 1,000 patient days in PMCH.

What we are doing to improve:

  • Apply standard practices known as “bundles” that have been shown to reduce the rate of patient falls.
  • Educate families about the dangers of their child falling in the hospital.
  • Ensure all providers and nurses are faithful to the bundle elements while caring for your child.
  • Review all falls to learn ways to decrease rate of patients falls in the future.
  • Remove equipment from your child’s room that is no longer needed.

For more information:

Children’s Hospital Association–Falls


Joint Commission

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