Bone Cancer

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Sarcomas

These types of sarcoma refer to malignancy in the muscle or bone and are more commonly diagnosed in children and young adults.

  • Rhabdomyosarcomas are soft tissue tumors in the skeletal muscle and are treated with a combination of surgery and chemotherapy.
  • Osteosarcoma is commonly called bone cancer. The knee is the most common site for osteosarcoma. Bruce T. Rougraff, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon, works closely with the pediatric oncologists in delivering a personalized care plan.
  • Ewing’s Sarcoma is more commonly detected in the long bones of the leg or arm, pelvic or ribs, but can also be found in soft tissues. For this reason, Ewing’s is often considered a “family” of cancers that includes peripheral neuroectodermal tumors (PNET).

The pediatric subspecialists at PMCH are part of a patient’s multidisciplinary care team. Referral to a specific specialist will be made through the Children’s Cancer Center office. To learn more about a pediatric subspecialist click here.

  • ENT specialists, surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic specialists, urologists, pathologists, radiologists, endocrinologists, radiation oncologists, neuro-radiologists, pediatric ophthalmologists, emergency medicine physicians, and supportive services/palliative care physicians.

Pediatric oncology nurse practitioners and oncology nurses are key players within the cancer care team and a point person for patient and family education.

Child Life specialists, including art and music therapists, help distract with play therapy and soothe a child during an outpatient procedure or during hospitalization. They also lead the pre-op tours and coordinate special events like birthday parties, movie nights, family dinners, and holiday celebrations.

Genetic cancer risk assessment counselors work with the pediatric oncologists to identify the genetic signature in a child’s DNA. This information helps us better understand how a specific type of childhood cancer may respond to treatment.

Pastoral Care starts with a “prayer chain” found in the PMCH lobby. Prayerful petitions can be submitted for any/all of our patients. An on-site chaplain is available for patient and family needs.

Pediatric cancer researchers and clinical trial coordinators are involved in local, regional and national clinical trials. These physicians and associates are members of the nationally and internationally recognized Children’s Oncology Group,

Pediatric registered dietitians guide essential nutrition during treatments and coordinate care with your physician’s office.

Pediatric Sedation Services are specially trained pediatric nurse practitioners who provide a variety of medically supervised sedation services for the child who has anxiety about, pain from, or can’t settle long enough for essential medical imaging tests or necessary procedures involving a PICC line or needles.

Pediatric radiology services are on-site at PMCH and include a full range of medical imaging modalities. Certain diagnostic imaging tests through St.Vincent Radiology Services are also available at the St.Vincent Fishers Hospital, St.Vincent Women’s Hospital, St.Vincent Carmel Hospital, and St.Vincent Health Medical Professional Building, 10801 N. Michigan Rd, Zionsville.

Pharmacists are especially trained in the preparation of pediatric oncology medications.

Rehabilitation therapists such as PT, OT, speech, and hearing are on-site at PMCH and support the care that these children need to regain strength, balance, and communication skills.

Team Peyton is a way for groups, schools and organizations to support the children at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital through events and fundraisers.

TheraPets are visiting Westies and cairn terriers (with their handlers) that find ways to bring smiles to our patients.

St. Vincent Stress Center (317-338-4800) has dedicated counselors who assist with the mental health needs of the child (ages 6 – 18) and for those young adults ages 19-25 with a dual cancer care diagnosis and mental health concern such as depression.

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