ENT Patient and Family Resources

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital ENT Center


For information about ENT and Pediatric Audiology Services call 317-338-6815

If you have a question, never hesitate to call the Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Center at PMCH, 317-338-6815.

Other Online Resources

American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery has a very good patient information section, found at http://www.entnet.org/content/patient-health

The American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology has family-friendly webinars about ear, nose and throat conditions http://aspo.us/familywebinars/

Downloadable Information Sheets

Provided by the PMCH Pediatric ENT Center and the St. Vincent Pediatric Communications Center


ABR Hearing Test Instruction sheet (unsedated)

Ear Tubes Instruction Sheet

Health Information & Medical History Form (Intake Form)

Low Sodium Diet Guidelines

Nose Bleeds (epistaxis) info sheet

Post-Op Instructions for Patients Undergoing Tympanoplasty/Tympanomastoidectomy

Post-Op Instructions for Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Pre and Post-Op Instructions: Tonsils & Adenoids


Trach Care

Wound Care Instructions



Importante: Por Favor Leer Las Instructiones Antes y Despues De la Cirugia

Instrucciones Para la Prueba de la Respuesta Auditiva del Tallo Encefálico

Instructiones Para Cuidado de Heridas

Instructiones Post-Operatorias Para Pacientes de Bronchoscopia y Laringoscopia

Instructiones Post-Operatorias Para Timpanoplastia/Timpmastiodectomia

Las Amígdalas y Adenoides

Tubos en los Oidos

Formulario de Historia Médica – Miyamoto

Formulario de Historia Médica – Hamaker


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