Kids’ Wellness Programs

Keeping Kids Healthy

Karen Terrell, RN, leads our Children’s Health Education programs in the community and in schools. She is also a resource to connect families and community groups to health and wellness resources. To learn more email her at

Bootcamp for New Dads – This men’s-only class addresses issues of parenting from a man’s perspective.
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Breastfeeding Basics – This one-time session focuses on the techniques for initiating nursing during the early weeks with your newborn.
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Breastfeeding Clinic – Fishers – Our Breastfeeding Clinic is designed to provide support and guidance for mothers who are having problems with breastfeeding.
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Car Seat Safety Inspections – 317-415-7643
Free at Women’s Hospital, Indianapolis, and other St.Vincent Ministry Hospitals, by appointment. Child Life experts will instruct parents and caregivers on how to properly mount the baby’s car seat for your particular vehicle. You’ll also learn how to best strap the baby or child into the seat for comfort and safety. Car seat safety is one of those precautions that saves lives every day. Take a few minutes to get it right.

Childbirth Preparation – Monogram Maternity trained nurses educate expectant mothers and partners about the birthing process and the hospital stay. Reliable online resources are also provided. A Lamaze class focusing on a more natural childbirth process is also available to interested parents. There are different types of classes from Done in a day to Done in 2 evenings, as well as special GRANDparenting and sibling classes. If you are expecting multiples, St.Vincent Monogram Maternity has a specific class about what to expect in a multiple gestation pregnancy.
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Drive NOW, Text LATER  – 317-338-7256

The St.Vincent Trauma Team is in schools and at community events showing teens how texting while driving is risky and dangerous to their health. Using computer simulators, teens (and adults) are able to experience the domino effect of a small distraction, looking away from the flow of traffic, reading a text, or even worse typing a text on a mobile device. To schedule a speaker, call and get downloadable posters HERE.

Infant Massage is taught by St.Vincent Monogram Maternity nurses to interested parents and caregivers.This technique has been shown to help babies grow and develop more restful sleep patterns, including relief from colic and teething distress.
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Reach Out and Read – Early Literacy Program317-338-7510

Some children ages 6 months-5 years may need help developing stronger cognitive and language skills. Literacy services are available through the Joshua Max Simon Primary Care Center, Indianapolis. Child Life  education experts are a resource to the family.

Safe Sitter Program317-338-6764.

Through the St.Vincent EMS Education program and at many locations in central Indiana, teens (ages 11-13) can participate in a 6-hour class where they learn practical information about caring for children and what to do in an emergency. Completion of the course includes a certificate of completion.

School and Community Asthma Program317-338-3552

In conjunction with PMCH and the Asthma Alliance of Indianapolis, students, teachers and parents can learn about how to better manage asthma. St.Vincent provides speakers for school programs.

Tobacco Cessation Program317-338-8700

The best time to stop smoking is in your teens, the earlier the better for long-term health. The St. Vincent program is nurse–and pharmacist–supported and includes behavioral health counseling and medication to quit this addictive habit. The 6-week program based on a nationally accepted medical model by the Mayo Clinic.

Newborn Care – New parents (including adoptive parents and grandparents) will learn about newborn characteristics, baby-proofing your home, safety issues, and basic care from diapering, and feeding to bathing.
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School Wellness317-338-2336

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PMCH sends health educators to community health fairs and to schools teaching important lifelong health and wellness lessons — from Glitterbug proper handwashing — to lessons and activities about heart health.

Sports Performance Outreach317-415-5747

Positive Coaching for Kids is a workshop provided by St.Vincent Sports Performance to foster positive approaches to nurturing and motivating kids. For athletes, many types of bootcamps and 1-1 coaching and athletic training is offered to enhance sport performance and to rehabilitate a sports injury.

Think First Injury Prevention – Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital is a Think First Injury Prevention Chapter for this national program. We sponsor community and school programs on bike riding safety, water safety, seat belt safety and many other topics. Our nurse educators can be scheduled to talk to school, church and community groups about how to play safely and prevent brain and spinal injuries.

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