Wellness Programs

Bootcamp for New Dads

Get connected with other men that are also facing the challenges and opportunities related to becoming a new dad. This “men’s only” class addresses the issues of parenting from a male perspective. “Vet” dads offer “rookies” a chance to discuss the importance of the role of a father, dealing with a newborn, and how to offer support to the new mom. Course includes the “Crash Course for Dads-To-Be” book, written by Greg Bishop, creator of the National Boot Camp for New Dads program.

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Breastfeeding Basics

This one-session introduction to breastfeeding focuses on techniques for initiating nursing during the early weeks with your newborn and maintaining a successful breastfeeding experience.

Discussion includes:

  • Benefits for both mom and baby
  • Latching
  • Positioning
  • Returning to the workplace.

Information on breast pumps and other available lactation services is included. Dads or other support persons are strongly encouraged to attend.

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Breastfeeding Support Groups

We offer Breastfeeding Support Groups at St. Vincent Fishers, St. Vincent Carmel, and St. Vincent Indianapolis.  No registration is required.

St. Vincent Breast Center (Suite 201) (Indianapolis) – 10:30am Fridays
St. Vincent Carmel Women’s Center (Community Room, Entrance #3) – 10:30am Mondays
St. Vincent Fishers (Community Room, 3rd Floor, Entrance #3) – 10:00am Saturdays

Maternity Services  – call 317-338-2229 to schedule an appointment or tour

St. Vincent maternity services help guide expectant parents through every step of their exciting journey to parenthood. Maternity and obstetric services are provided at seven Indiana campuses and include birthing centers, midwife services, maternal-fetal medicine, pregnancy support services, and prenatal and childbirth classes. Our maternal specialists share the goal of providing excellent care to women before, during, and after their pregnancy. Through our team of skilled physicians and other health professionals, our birthing centers provide optimum care to newborns and mothers.

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Childbirth Education Classes

First Pregnancy? We recommend Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Basics and a Childbirth Prep class. Done in a Day is a good option for those with busy schedules. Labor Support Class allows you to have extra time in a Labor Room to practice what you have learned in one of our Childbirth Prep classes.

Experienced Parent? Childbirth Prep Refresher through Labor Support or an E-Learning class. Big brother or sister? The Sibling Class can prepare them for this exciting adventure they are about to encounter.

Grandparents? So much has changed since you were a baby. This class gives them the most current information to help with their grand-baby…a night out for you maybe?

Together we will guide you through this exciting time in your life. Please register for childbirth education classes by the fourth month of pregnancy. Plan to complete your prenatal classes by the 36th week of pregnancy.

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Drive NOW, Text LATER  – 317-338-7256 – or indytrauma@ascension.org

The St. Vincent Trauma team offers this valuable program in schools and at community events.  They demonstrate how texting while driving is a dangerous risk.  Using computer simulators, participants are able to experience the effect of a small distraction, including reading a text or typing on a mobile device.  Contact us to schedule a speaker and get downloadable posters HERE.

Infant Massage

A class taught by a Certified Infant Massage Educator for interested parents and caregivers after delivery. This technique has been shown to help babies grow and develop more restful sleep patterns, including relief from colic and teething distress.

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Safe Sitter Program – 317-338-6764.

The St. Vincent EMS Education program offers a safe sitter program for children ages 11-13.   The six-hour class offers practical information about caring for young children and what to do in an emergency.  This course includes a certificate of completion.

Tobacco Cessation Program – 317-338-8700

The St. Vincent Tobacco Cessation program, supported by nursing and pharmacy staff, includes behavioral health counseling and medication to help teens quit smoking.  This six-week program is based on a nationally accepted medical model by the Mayo Clinic.

Newborn Care

New parents (including adoptive parents and grandparents) will learn about newborn characteristics, baby-proofing your home, safety issues, and basic care from diapering, and feeding to bathing.

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Sports Performance Outreach – 317-415-5747

Positive Coaching for Kids is a workshop provided by St.Vincent Sports Performance to foster positive approaches to nurturing and motivating kids. For athletes, many types of bootcamps and 1-1 coaching and athletic training is offered to enhance sport performance and to rehabilitate a sports injury.

Think First Injury Prevention

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital is a Think First Injury Prevention Chapter for this national program. We sponsor community and school programs on bike riding safety, water safety, seat belt safety and many other topics. Our nurse educators can be scheduled to talk to school, church and community groups about how to play safely and prevent brain and spinal injuries.

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