Project 18 – Educational Videos

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

For information about free Project 18 lesson plans for elementary and middle school health curriculum, contact Karen Terrell at

Growing Healthy Happy Kids

Peyton Manning encourages children and families to be active and eat healthy at every age. Use Project 18 wellness resources to benefit your family or community youth group. There is even a health and wellness curriculum for schools (based on Indiana Health and Wellness standards) that has engaging education resources for children in elementary and middle school. Topics include: Nutrition, physical activity and holistic health. For more information about Project 18 call Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at 317-338-(KIDS) 5437 or complete this online request form and in the comments write PROJECT 18.

Project 18 – Feelings and Getting Healthy

Peyton Manning and Dr. Ernie Smith at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, St.Vincent Indianapolis talks about feelings and how to help your child as he or she is working hard to get healthy.

Project 18 – Childhood Obesity

It takes a family to make a difference. Peyton Manning and his dad Archie Manning talk about how to help children who are overweight. That is why the family needs to be part of the team to make healthier food choices, eat a balanced diet and get up and move.

Project 18 – Eating Healthy

Peyton Manning introduces a St. Vincent registered dietitian who explains the food pyramid and how to introduce healthier food choices for your child and family.

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