Maternal Fetal Medicine Services

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  • Personalized care plan by the MFM physicians and multi-disciplinary team
  • MFM care coordinator, registered nurse navigators provide education and resources from preconception — pregnancy – labor and delivery – transitioning to pediatric and women’s health services
  • Routine and targeted ultrasound examinations
  • Genetic counseling
  • Prenatal screenings and fetal diagnostic testing
    • Amniocentesis, a diagnostic procedure used to test for certain genetic conditions
    • First trimester screenings determine if certain genetic conditions are present
    • Second trimester genetic sonogram is a detailed ultrasound test used to observe and evaluate the fetus.
  • Abdominal cerclage (transabdominal cerclage – TAC) procedure used to prevent miscarriage in women with an incomplete cervix.
  • Co-management of diabetic pregnancies, including education and glucose monitoring.
  • Coordinated care with the St.Vincent Maternity Services nurse navigator onsite at select St.Vincent Hospital Maternity Units


St. Vincent Women's Hospital and Specialty Center Exterior

Maternal Fetal Medicine services are provided at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital and Specialty Center which is near the St.Vincent main campus on 86th St., Indianapolis


Coordinated Care: Maternal Fetal Medicine and Newborn Medicine

Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, OBs, Neonatologists and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital pediatric specialists coordinate care closely to stabilize and instill growth and development in pre-term and critically ill newborns.  Our Level IV NICU at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital in Indianapolis is one of only two top-ranked Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Indiana. We are the only women’s medical hospital to also provide a  Level IV Perinatal Center. This combination offers best-in-care-practices to both mother and baby at all stages of the pregnancy and throughout labor and delivery.

Level IV NICU – St.Vincent Women’s Hospital

Level IV Perinatal Center – St.Vincent Women’s Hospital

Level III NICU – St.Vincent Carmel Hospital

In the U.S. 1 in 33 babies have some type of birth defect which may be life-challenging.  Depending on the age of the baby and if additional surgery is needed, ongoing newborn care may continue at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, St.Vincent Indianapolis. This children’s hospital is specially equipped to care for newborns and infants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What medical problems contribute to a high-risk pregnancy?
When the mother has a medical history of diabetes, hypertension and/or heart disease, seizures or other neurological disorders, thyroid problems, autoimmune disease, clotting and bleeding disorders, renal disease, cancer, or gastrointestinal disorders, the mother’s health strongly influences the health of the baby (fetus).

Other risk factors include smoking, alcohol and drug use.

What are the more common birth defects or genetic conditions?
Family history tells us a lot about potential genetic conditions that may be passed on to baby (fetus). According to the Center for Disease Control the more common conditions are: Down Syndrome, Cleft lip with or without Cleft palate, atrioventricular septal defect in the heart, rectal or large intestine stenosis, gastroschisis (a musculoskeletal defect), and Spina bifida.

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