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About Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine

“You—the patient—are at the center of our work. At Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, patients benefit from an environment in which world-class experts from medicine and academic research have come together to pursue a unique, patient-first approach to brain, spine, and nerve care.”

“The neurosurgeons of Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine have treated thousands of adults and children. As one of North America’s largest and most progressive neurosurgical practices, the expertise of our group includes a full spectrum of brain, spine, and nerve care. We treat all disorders and trauma, including brain aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, pituitary disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, and complex spinal disorders, such as discs, tumors, injuries, and degenerative disease.”

“We are masters of clinical subspecialties. To become a neurosurgeon requires intense training in medicine and many additional years of study and practice to become specialized in surgery. Those who study the brain, spinal cord, and nerves—the nervous system—believe it is too complex for an individual to know everything about it. Likewise, the disorders and diseases that afflict any part of this intricate system—tumors, genetic disorders, lesions, aneurysms, and pain, among countless others—are so complex that a single surgeon cannot fully grasp all the ways to treat all the disorders and diseases. That is why the surgeons at Goodman Campbell are dedicated to mastering a particular subspecialty, that is, a specific area, of the nervous system and its unique disorders and diseases. We took this approach long before it was accepted by other major university teaching programs and large medical practices. This dedication to immersing ourselves in specific areas of the nervous system, and even specific conditions that affect those areas, remains the hallmark of our practice.”

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