Prenatal Loss

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Through the St.Vincent Women’s Hospitaland Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, we provide compassionate care to families experiencing an unexpected stillbirth or newborn death. This program is here to get answers to your questions. Coordinated by the Infant loss coordinate, we work with the Pediatric Pathologist, Neonatologist specialized in medical genetics and development, maternal fetal medicine specialists and our licensed genetic counselor. Many time parents ask “why” and this program was established to better understand why and if there is any congenital risk factor that may be of importance to other members of your family. We also provide bereavement information and supportive care

Parenting Resources

St.Vincent and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital offers many types of pre-natal, childbirth, parenting and breastfeeding support classes. They also offer essential car seat safety checks and many more useful services.

St. Vincent Women's Hospital Exterior

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