ONE Call Physician-to-Physician Patient Transfer

For Emergency physician-to-physician patient transfer to St. Vincent, Indianapolis
Call 317-338-5000.

St. Vincent One Call Transfer

What to Expect:

24/7/365 access to ONE Call Transfer. When your patient’s medical needs exceed the services you or your facility can provide, they become our priority. Please have this information on hand when you call ONE Call Transfer.

  • Your name
  • Direct callback number
  • Your facility and city
  • Patient’s legal name and date of birth
  • Patient weight or closest estimation
  • Brief diagnosis
  • Mode of transport patient requires

Within minutes your patient’s transfer process is complete, including a bed number, report number, and as appropriate, arrangements for transportation.
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Your patient is our priority

St. Vincent ONE Call Transfer connects physicians in Indiana and surrounding states to physicians and services at St. Vincent Indianapolis. Emergent patient transfer is coordinated start to finish by registered nurses coordinating transport by ground or air for patients of any age, from newborn to geriatric.

St.Vincent offers a comprehensive team of dedicated critical care transport professionals – StatFlight™ and StatGround™. These critical care transport teams are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Approved protocols determine the best resource for your patient’s needs. The St.Vincent ONE Call Transfer system was created to facilitate acute patient transfers from outlying hospitals to St.Vincent Indianapolis and St.Vincent Carmel. St.Vincent ONE Call Transfer’s goal is to provide an efficient experience for physicians and nurses seeking to transfer the care of their patients. ONE Call Transfer is a single point of access service providing solutions for seamless and rapid transfer of your patients.



  • Dedicated critical care transport specialty communicators
  • Staffed 24/7/365
  • Work closely with the One Call Transfer professionals to seamlessly coordinate desired transport of patients
  • Tracks both air and ground transports in real time to ensure continual position awareness of transport modes

ONE Call Transfer


St.Vincent Health Locations for ONE Call Physician-to-Physician Transfers

St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis
  • Full service 740 bed facility
  • Level I Trauma Center (patients 15 years and older)
  • Comprehensive system that accepts trauma transfers (age 15 and older)
  • OrthoIndy Surgeons service all needs, including trauma
  • Pulmonary critical care including ECMO
  • Specialized oncology unit
  • Specialized Stroke unit
  • Specialized Stress and Mental Health unit
St. Vincent Heart Center
  • Participant in the Indiana Heart Attack Network (IHAN)
  • Immediate connection to consultation with Interventional Cardiologists
  • Easy access of the acute myocardial infarction (AMI) emergency system
  • Facilitation of immediate critical care transport to a premiere team focused on percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), 24/7/365
Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent

Hilbert Pediatric Emergency Department:  PICU/ECMO

  • Specializing in the newborn to children age 18 years
  • More than 40 pediatric specialties represented
  • Serviced by a critical care transport team specializing in neonatal and pediatric care and transport
    • Expert transport clinicians including a specialty nurse, specialty respiratory therapist, and specialty paramedic and/or emergency medical technician
    • State of the art ambulances
    • Air transport via helicopter (StatFlight) with the same specialty team for neonatal patients
    • Specialized equipment including but not limited to transport isolettes, high frequency ventilation, and nitric oxide
St. Vincent Women’s Hospital, Indianapolis
  • Largest team of maternal fetal medicine physicians in the state
  • Level III Perinatal Center
  • Level IV Neonatal Center
  • Neonatal ECMO
  • Streamlined transport of Maternal patients via our critical care transport team
    • Comprised of a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialty nurse and paramedic partner specially trained to provide care specifically related to the maternal condition; including general medical and trauma related conditions
    • The only critical care transport team in Indiana to actively house MFM specialty nurses 24/7/365 enhancing rapid response to your patient
    • Integration with StatGround, the critical care transport team specializing in newborn care and rapid transport
St. Vincent Carmel Hospital
  • Home to the Bariatric Center of Excellence, bariatric surgery specialists
  • Transfer and transport swiftly coordinated

To learn more about any of these St.Vincent locations CLICK HERE.

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