Pediatric General Surgery

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The Indiana Center for Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery

at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, Indianapolis.
8402 Harcourt Road, Suite 830 – Entrance 1A
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital has a very diverse surgical program that supports more than 40 different pediatric subspecialty areas. A pediatric surgeon is highly specialized surgeon with extensive experience treating childhood diseases and disorders.

The pediatric surgeons at Pediatric Surgical Associates emphasize a collaborative team approach. Each is dedicated to providing the best surgical care for your child and to create a surgical environment that supports the best possible care.  These pediatric surgeons are onsite at PMCH with a surgical clinic on the first floor of the hospital. They are available around the clock to the Hilbert Pediatric Emergency Department, the Hospital and all of the Pediatric specialty groups.

Dr. Evan Kokoska, a Pediatric Surgeon explains what a Pediatric Surgeon does on any given day at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

The surgical suites are also well-equipped for children of all ages and sizes (from newborn to age 18). Minimally Invasive surgical techniques have revolutionized many surgical procedures for children. With less injury to skin, muscle and nerves, there are fewer wound complications; postoperative pain management is easier; and the return to normal activity is quicker. For children, this can mean less time missed at school and a return to sports and play earlier. For parents, it often means less time away from work caring for their child.

Sign-up for a Preoperative Hospital Tour

An educational visit and tour several days prior to the scheduled procedure allows you and your child a chance to become familiar with our hospital and to learn what to expect on the big day. To arrange a tour, call 317-338- 3582.

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