Abdominal Tumors

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What are abdominal tumors?

Abdominal tumors are masses within certain organs in the abdomen.

What are the different types of tumors?

  • Neuroblastoma – derived from neural crest tissue in the abdomen – usually adrenal glands ad paraspinal sympathetic ganglia
  • Wilm’s tumor – derived from the kidney
  • Hepatoblastoma – derived from the liver

How are they diagnosed?

  • Complete history and physical exam
  • Radiographic imaging and a comprehensive consultation process with some the world’s expert leaders in childhood cancer

Typically, a large unresectable mass may need a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, along with a central venous catheter to initiate and deliver chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, to allow for a safer resection. Some tumors which are smaller and amenable to resection may have a resection with a central venous catheter for chemotherapy.

What is the expected outcome?

Excellent. We have a comprehensive and expert group of childhood cancer specialists who follow patients with extreme detail and dedication.

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