Pulmonary Function Testing

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Pulmonary Function Testing

This family-centered lab is designed to be friendly and colorful so children 4-18 years of age are less anxious about this pain free test. This is a full-service lab with many features. The pediatric respiratory therapists are specially trained to assist the pediatric pulmonologist on site in detecting and treating problems that affect lung function. All testing interpretations and recommendations are made by the pediatric pulmonologists.

Pulmonary Function Testing Lab features:

  • Complete pulmonary function test  (spirometry lung valves diffusion)
  • Exercise pulmonary function testing
  • Medication delivery device and chest physiotherapy instruction & education
  • Methacholine test to diagnose asthma
  • NIOX (exhaled nitric oxide measuring) monitoring system
  • Resting energy expenditure testing
    • With nutritional evaluations for children either over or under their ideal weight
  • Therapy vest evaluation

Pulmonary Function Lab at the Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Center

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